Impact of oil regeneration on the dielectric indices of transformer insulation

Narcyz Bandosz, Przemysław Gawliczek, Jacek Koszyński, Paweł Warczyński

The paper presents the results of tests confirming the impact of oil regeneration on dielectric indices of transformer insulation system. The changes of transformer insulation dielectric indices (resistance and dielectric loss factor tanδ) and the oil parameters in long-serving units were discussed. Methods for dealing with units with signs of insulation ageing were described and technical and economic aspects of individual actions were analysed. Oil regeneration with the use of REOIL technology and the obtained results were presented. The correlation was shown between the transformer insulation dielectric indices and the oil properties before and after regeneration. The test results, conclusions and references were presented.

More in the issue 11/2022 Energetyki.

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