Energy and environmental efficiency of selected methods to use hydrogen

Wojciech Kostowski, Marcel Barzantny

The paper reports selected methods of green hydrogen utilisation: for power generation, private cars and public transport, for industry and for blending with natural gas in distribution networks. The evaluated parameters comprise the efficiency and system performance of the hydrogen value chain, accounting for its storage under the pressure required for the given process. The process efficiency ranges from 24% (gas turbines) to 60.8% (industry, gas networks), however, in the latter case the produced hydrogen is not a final energy carrier. Another ranking is obtained if the analysis also comprises the corresponding replaced processes (e.g. cars using oil-based fuels, steam methane reforming for hydrogen production); in this case hydrogen-fuel cell passenger cars yield the best system performance (144.8%, i.e. the processis less energy consuming than the existing one), followed by industry and hydrogen-fuelled buses. Each method of hydrogen utilisation also provides a reduction in CO2 emission, the ranking is openedby passenger cars followed by power generation, and it is closed by hydrogen injection into natural gas grid.

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More in the issue  9/2022 Energetyka.

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