Selected issues of structure, properties and application of inorganic-organic halide perovskites

Barbara Sznyrowska

Perovskites, i.e. a group of compounds with the general formula ABX3, possess a defined crystalline structure and semiconductor properties. Wide absorption spectrum of visible light together with high efficiency of energy convertion make perovskites not only the subject of many scientific papers but they also come to an attention of the solar cells sector. Perovskite semiconductor cells are considered as a competition to the commonly used silicon cells. The basic and the most common methods for these cells manufacturing enable their relatively cheap production, while optoelectric properties of these materials together with attractive physical characteristics of the constructed photovoltaic systems provide an incentive for further development of this technology aiming at its commercialization. But prior to this stage it would be necessary to eliminate from their structure such substance like lead which is harmful for the environment as well as to improve the perovskite crystals durability. One of the proposed solutions is the cells encapsulation that significantly reduces the influence of environmental factors on perovskites stability. Wide variety of potential applications and the completed pilot projects suggest the breakthrough in solar panels technology and further development of this sector.


More in the issue  9/2022 Energetyka.

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