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Energetyka magazine was established in 1947. It is an all-Poland monthly issued by the Association of Polish Engineers SEP, a creative organization of scientific and technical character having the biggest number of members in our country and uniting electrical engineers and technicians of all specializations as well as all those people whose occupational or personal activity is related to electrical engineering in its broad sense.

Energetyka is devoted to the problems of generation, transmission, distribution  and utilization of electrical and heat energy, building of electrical power stations, CHP stations and power transmission lines, power system computerization and restructuring of power industry. Since 2005, after the fusion with “Gospodarka Paliwami i Energią” monthly, Energetyka‘s range of interests has been extended with problems of fuel and energy management.

Energetyka is placed on the Ministry of Science and Higher Education list of journals subject to parametric assessment and so far it has been rated at 6 points, but we make all efforts to get still more in the nearest future.


The journal has been awarded with:

  • Golden Merit Award for Power Industry Workers,
  • Golden SEP Award of Merit,
  • Professor Stanisław Fryze Medal of SEP.


It takes up issues on:

  • technical problems related to generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy,
  • modern technologies of generation and conversion of electric energy,
  • organizational and economic bases of functioning of power companies,
  • functioning of industrial and commercial power engineering backup facilities,
  • structural reforming of the Polish power industry,
  • tarification of electric energy and other energy carriers,
  • review of foreign organizational and technical solutions introduced in electric power enterprises.


In Energetyka we explain mechanisms of Polish power industry reforms, even the ones concealed by others, publish informations about the facts and events that happened in Polish and world power industry, remind of not only eminent personages among Polish power engineers and technicians but also of Polish electric power enterprises. We dedicate much space to discussions between professionals on any topic related to technical and organizational functioning of industrial and commercial power engineering as well as we try to restore significant importance of professional discussions for the development of Polish technical and economic thought.

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