Strategies for modernization of pulverized coal boilers in the Polish power system

Marek Pronobis

The need to eliminate fossil fuels from the energy sector entails not only technical but also political decisions of significant economic importance. To undertake them, an objective analysis based on verified data is necessary. The paper presents, for Polish conditions, such an analysis regarding the modernization of pulverized fuel boilers, consisting in replacing coal with low carbon footprint (CFP) fuels. The problem, however, is the choice of the right fuel, because a simple calculation of the CFP based on the share of CO2 in the exhaust gas describes only the so-called direct CFP resulting from fuel combustion. The indirect one, which results from various accompanying processes, is often overlooked. The paper analyzes the total CFP of solid fuels, natural gas and green ammonia. Taking into account the ecological advantages of solid biomass, possible solutions for combustion of these fuels in modernized Polish boilers are presented.

More in the issue  3/2024 Energetyka.

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