Transformation of the Polish power engineering in the climate neutrality aspect

Waldemar Jędral

The European Green Deal with the Fit for 55 package and new regulations in the field of road transport aim to achieve climate neutrality by the EU by 2050. The article discusses the real chances of achieving the power engineering transformation in Poland at that time, taking into account the need to also transform other areas of economy that completely eliminates fossil fuels. The demand for electricity of the entire economy was estimated, including: transport and heating, after transformation. Building renewable energy sources (RES) in Poland with the highest possible capacities of onshore wind farms (80 GW), offshore wind farms (20 GW) and photovoltaic farms (92,5 GW), even supported by energy storage facilities with large capacities (3500-4000 GW) and nuclear power plants with a capacity of 15-20 GW, may not meet the demand. It will be necessary to radically reduce the amount of electricity collected from the network by a significant increase in the energy efficiency of production and operational processes throughout the economy and the widespread installation and operation of distributed RES using wind, solar, water and geothermal energy by all users. The waste of large amounts of electricity and heat should also be significantly reduced.


More in the issue  1/2024 Energetyki.

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