POLISH TRIPLET OF TETIP DEVELOPMENT TO ELECTROPROSUMERISM in the perspective of 2022/2023 on the trajectory of the new world order

Jan Popczyk

The half of the year 2022 places extreme requirements on the energy transition connected with its growing complexity being the result first of the COVID-19 pandemic and then Russian invasion on Ukraine. From the other side you do not have to be an acute observer of the political nad social-economic theatre to conclude that the increasing complexity of transition management in the mode of political goals makes this management (only in the political goals mode) dangerously counterproductive. So here, in this context, an attempt is made to unify the political goals of energy transition and its fundamental principles. It is the unification of the paradigmatic triplet of the electric monism from one side and the geopolitical aim to shift away from fossil fuels from the other. And it is the unification to the form of the Polish triplet of the TETIP transformation development i.e. to its practical implementation characteristic for Poland.

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More in the issue  8/2022 Energetyka.

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