Preliminary analysis of the heating sector energy transition to electroprosumerism with the application of an induction boiler in multi-family building heating nodes

Krzysztof Konopka, Zdzisław Konopka

Authors of the invention, filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and concerning the high-temperature induction boiler, made an analysis of operating costs of its application at a CHP node including heat pumps and solar cells as well as electric power supply from the Polish Power System (KSE). The analysis was made on the basis of actual data referring to heat consumption for the CH and DHW purposes in two multi-family buildings. In an expanded CHP node, containing additional available heat sources and the sources of RES electric energy, the effect turned out to be multiplied that justifies the effectiveness of this way to energy transition in heating sector, the transition in a break-through mode to electroprosumerism. Such transition connected with the heating sector re-electrification enables the optimum heat management according to the minimum costs criterion. The carried out analysis aims to raise interest in alternative methods of heat acquisition in buildings under construction or in the modernised residential facilities exclusively from electric energy by application of individual CHP nodes (in detached and multi-family houses) or local, territorially limited heat interconnections between detached and multi-family houses fed from the common RES CHP node. At the same time it is the transition from the centralized and monopolistic-corporate system to a system being a distributed, autonomous and increasing the electroprosumeric resilience one.


More in the issue  8/2022 Energetyka.

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