SOLUTIONS FOR ELECTROPROSUMERIC MARKETS. For today (crisis ones), for tomorrow (building eletroprosumeric resilience), for the year 2050

Krzysztof Bodzek

The current geopolitical situation as well as the large dependence of Europe on fossil fuels supplies from Russia create a crisis in the energy market connected with high (for now) prices and a difficult to foresee situation in the coming autumn-winter period. It is the next rationale proving the advantage of electroprosumeric (local) solutions, with small susceptibility to geopolitical situation, over systemic solutions. Analysed is here the possilibility to make use of “dormant” energy resources including guaranteed power supply systems to secure power supply in crisis situations. Described are the necessary technical, legal and social changes needed for implementation of solutions enabling building of the crisis electroprosumeric resilience during the next few years. An attempt is made to estimate the usefulness of implemented solutions in encounter with electroprosumerism needs in the 2050 horizon in the aspect of lifetime and ageing of technologies and also costs of implementation in the marginal costs environment.

More in the issue8/2022 Energetyka.

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