The 75th anniversary of „Energetyka” monthly magazine

Iwona Gajda

Briefly described are the circumstances in which the magazine „Energetyka” was founded and outlined is its history. Since 1994 „Energetyka” has been edited under the auspices of Zarząd Główny Stowarzyszenia Elektryków Polskich (Main Board of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers). Over all years of its existence the editorial office has had its seat in the Upper Silesia. Presented is the person of mgr inż. Józef Michejda, the creator of the magazine, all consecutive editors-in-chief, Chairmen of the Programme Council and Editorial Board co-workers. During these 75 years exactly 822 issues of the magazine have been published in which one can find several tens of thousands of articles placed on about 29 thousand printed pages – it is a vast acquis of more than 3 thousand authors. Contained are also special thanks to all Authors, Readers and Advertisers.

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More in the issue  1/2023 Energetyki.

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