Power industry in Poland 2023 … from results and challenges of the year 2022

Herbert Leopold Gabryś

Given is the energy balance sheet for 2022 in comparisons with the year 2021. Stated is, amongst the others, that the electric energy production from lignite was significantly higher while the one from hard coal and natural gas was lower. There continues the global tendency to increase electric energy generation from RES. For the first time in many years the electricity production in Poland in 2022 was higher than its consumption. Changes in the previous relations between electric energy production and its final consumption relate to events in the global fuel market in 2021 and, a little later, with incidents in the Eastern Europe. Lower production of electric energy from commercial heat sources was in great part replaced by the one from RES. The role of gas generation markedly decreased. The overall picture of changes in the energy balance sheet for 2022 has been completed with the difference in import and export of electric energy from the period prior to pandemic until the present time.

Więcej w numerze 2/2023 Energetyki.

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