Lucyna Więcław–Solny, Jarosław Zuwała, Henryk Majchrzak
CO2 capture in power and chemical industry and its further use – an important theme of the World Energy Council Conference 2022
One of the key challenges to be faced by majority of energy sector entities is lowering of costs connected with CO2 emission reduction. And to this problem was devoted a conference entitled “Problems with CO2 in commercial power generation – possibilities of costs and environmental impact reduction” held on 27 January 2022 by the Polish Committee of the World Energy Council. The paper, presented during this conference by Prof. Jarosław Zuwała, described practical experience gathered in the field of CCUS technology and a significant part of it concerned the key aspect connected with possibility of efficient use of CO2 in various branches of industry and services. All these issues were discussed in detail in the article.
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Ludwik Kosyrczyk, Michał Rejdak, Dariusz Pietrzyk
An innovative renovation of the coke oven battery heating walls heads with the use of amorphous silica
The article describes the most important issues related to the implementation of selected methods of renovation of heating walls of a coke oven battery. Their advantages and disadvantages have been shown. A new, realized concept of renovation of the head part of walls with partial use of amorphous silica was presented. At the same time, this concept may contribute to the design of new batteries with a lining of the head part made of a material with different expansion compared to traditional silica, but resistant to temperature shocks.
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Lucyna Więcław–Solny, Aleksander Krótki, Tomasz Spietz
Biogas as a source of biomethane – the studies on biogas separation process using the pressure swing adsorption method (PSA)
The article presents issues related to the possibility of obtaining biomethane from biogas. The characteristics of the biogas sector are presented, taking into account the production of potential of domestic biogas plants. The paper presents preliminary results of the biomethane separation process using the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method.
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More in the issue  10/2022 Energetyki.

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