400 kV synchronous connection between Poland and Ukraine via the Rzeszów-Chmielnicka line – selected simulation analyses  of transient states during switching operations

Mateusz Szablicki, Hubert Białas, Marcin Niedopytalski, Piotr Rzepka

The paper presents selected results of simulation studies of electromagnetic transients on the Rzeszów-Chmielnicka line, which is the 400 kV synchronous interconnection between the power transmission systems of Poland and Ukraine. The operating conditions of the objects and equipment of this interconnection accompanying the switching operations were analyzed. The studies were carried out to support the process of commissioning the interconnection using the existing 750 kV Rzeszów-Chmielnicka transmission line. This was necessary in order to ensure safe operation of the interconnection in normal and fault conditions. The paper presents the results of selected simulations.

More in the issue: 5/2024 Energetyka.

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